It’s pain season

I had an actual helpful/meaningful post planned for today but my mind is blank and I can’t seem to come up with a thoughtful way to finish it. So instead I’m going to ramble and share randomly. It doesn’t help that my kids are in massive trouble for losing a library DVD and I’m using their forced searching time to blog. I’m trying to filter out the whining, but if I get mixed up and sound like a four year old it’s because I’m typing my son’s complaints.

It’s uber hot and humid here in Texas which means it’s pain season. Pain season for me is May-October when the heat and humidity combine to make Texas a living hell for everyone, but especially for me.  I’m pretty sure I could fry and egg on my sidewalk and it’s only June.

I spent one night this week tossing in turning because I was in so much pain and because my hands are so swollen they look like sausages. I finally gave up sleeping and bought myself some new compression gloves on amazon, because I deserve it. You know how some people drunk dial and make drunk purchases, I make pain purchases. I buy things when I’m out of my mind with pain or when I drugged up with pain killers or because I’m miserable and I need something happy. The compression gloves turned out to be an rare 3:00 am good shopping choice though, they are allowing me to actually use a computer again.

I always dread pain season. I’m almost carefree during the winters here when I get to enjoy 60 degree weather on a regular basis. It’s amazing how much weather can effect your physical well being. If only I could move to  a climate that was dry and had an average temperature of 60 I’d be a much more functional person. Still, I’m trying to take this time to be grateful for how great I felt this winter how many things I was able to do, even if I can’t do them right now. At the end of the day I know winter will eventually return even if it seems like that will never happen.

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