Pain demands to be felt

I spent part of my weekend tearing calk out of my shower,  so I’m in major pain today. I tried to ignore it by taking my son to the park and enjoying the ocean, but it didn’t help.
The thing about pain is, it demands to be felt. Ignoring pain only goes so far and gets you so much.  My pain level is so high today it is all my brain can process. Beautiful ocean views,  adorable four year old,  to do list 1,000 miles long, not one of those things can I think about when I’m in this much pain.  The pain is always there, throbbing,  stabbing, punishing me, and demanding for attention.  Nothing makes it go away except rest and time. Too bad getting rest is a joke. 

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2 thoughts on “Pain demands to be felt

  1. Pain is kinda like a nagging child. "mommy…mommy… mommy…mommy". Those of us with chronic pain learn to ignore it the same way most parents can tune out that nagging, but eventually it just gets to be too much and you scream "WHAT DO YOU WANT!"

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