Chronic pain saps your mental motivation

I just read an article here about how chronic pain saps your mental motivation and causes lethargy. They experimented on mice to come to this conclusion, but I could have told them that right off.  It’s kind of a no brainer. When your body is constantly in a state of distress it is incredibly hard for your mind to stay focused. It’s also very tiring to be in constant pain, the longer I’m in pain the more lethargic I get.

Another article about the study found here noted that “the study might help to explain why chronic pain sufferers can’t finish daily tasks.” No shit, you think? Gosh, why can’t those lazy people in pain just get off their big fat rears and get stuff done? I mean, having a functioning body is pretty overrated, it’s really no excuse for being lazy. So what if every movement causes excruciating pain, just get over it! And don’t even think about asking for pain killers because then you are not only lazy and stupid, you are an addict. Really what’s wrong with people who are in pain, why are they so self centered? /end sarcasm

Despite my desire to throw things at the person who wrote the last article, it is great to see some research being done on the effects of chronic pain. Maybe someday pain patients can actually hope for some better treatment as a result of this kind of research.

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2 thoughts on “Chronic pain saps your mental motivation

  1. Hah! You're funny 🙂 I know– you'd think that these results would be foregone conclusions, but they have to make sure that us sickos aren't just LYING about everything, you know. Because we're lazy druggies. We'll say anything to avoid work and get our fix.

    I'm glad that there's legit articles about this coming out now. It's an important tool in our arsenal, I think, to be able to hand someone scientifically verified evidence that corroborates our experiences.

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