i am lyme disease

I am Lyme Disease

In honor of my “I am Fibromyalgia” post I decided to do one on Lyme disease. 
Hi, I’m Lyme Disease.

I came from something you can barely even see, bacteria through a nymph tick. You had no idea when you went outside that day that I was lying in wait. I lurk in the bodies of animals




for you to come to me and you did. As the tick latched on to you I entered your body and took over and you didn’t even know it. You never imagined the damage I could do. I am stealthy. I can wait as long as a need to because I know eventually I am going to win. I am going to have control of your body.

I am hard to find. I disguise myself as different bacteria so that no one can label me. I look different in different places of the world so that no one can find out who I am. I mimic other diseases in order to fool those idiots you call doctors. They know nothing about me. They think they are Gods but they will never know enough to defeat me, I’ve been around since the beginning.

I will cripple your body in so many different ways you won’t be able to figure out what is happening. In some people I attack their  brains, in some their heart, in some their joints. I attack in many different places so no one will figure me out. Your doctors vision is too narrow to track me down. They think they’ve won when you take antibiotics to chase me away, but it’s too late I’ve been with you too long.  I have news for you, it takes longer than a few weeks of antibiotics to get rid of me. Regular antibiotics just force me into hiding and I’m good at hiding, you’ll never find me.

I will take away your ability to walk, your use of your hands, your ability to eat, your ability to get out of bed, your ability to think, and sometimes even your ability to breath. I will make you doubt yourself and make you wonder if you are crazy like the doctors say you are.  I will take over your whole life and  I will destroy you. 

And yet I find that human beings are strangely resilient. You will find a way to go one even as I take away everything that was once important to you. You will fight me for as long as it takes and maybe one day you will triumph, but today is not that day. Today I win.

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