I did not cause my illness

Illness can come to anyone know matter who you are. You can:

only eat organic
live off the grid
drink non pasteurized milk
sacrifice goats at midnight
forgo evil vaccines
never drink alcohol or caffeine
never smoke
never ingest aspartame
isolate yourself from mankind
only eat grass fed beef or eat no beef at all
be a vegan
live off MLM shakes
take cure all pills from every person who offers you a solution
make everything you eat from scratch
only drink purified water
forgo sugar completely
have a diet composed completely of organic kale

…and guess what,  you can still get sick.

A chronic illness is not a choice or a consequence it is just something that happens and it can happen to anyone. Some people may want to think that idea through before they get on their high horse of righteousness. I did not cause my illness it just happened. I had no control over what happened to me. The only control I have is how I respond. The truth is that bad things happen to good people and that is just life.

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5 thoughts on “I did not cause my illness

  1. Abso-freaking-lutely! I recently had to reply to a comment on my post about Fibromyalgia where someone insinuated if you just did all the "right" things, etc., you'd be cured, and if you are still sick then you are somehow keeping yourself sick with your thoughts… Gah! People want to believe these things because they desperately want to think Life can always be controlled, and if anything happens to them,they'll know exactly what to do to make it stop. That's not why we're here. It just doesn't work that way. Thank you for this post!


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