Write your way out of chronic pain

I found this article “Write your way out of chronic pain” to be half helpful and half total crap. The author suggests that writing can help reprogram the space between us and our thoughts. He believes that writing helps those with chronic pain to “let go.” In a way I think that this is true. The reason I started this blog after all was because I needed a place to process how I felt about chronic illness. I won’t deny that it has been very therapeutic to vent on my blog about my feelings and then interact with others who share similar feelings. My blog has even become therapy in a way.

However the author suggests that writing actually makes his symptoms go away! He suggests that you will begin physically healing as soon as you write. This is ridiculous. All I can say is his chronic pain must have not been that bad in the the first place. It must be nice. Writing has never helped me physically in any waybut it has definitely helped me mentally and even spiritually. Theoretically and I can see how improving your emotions can improve your health, for example stress headaches obviously can be improved by not being stressed, Unfortunately there is a lot more to chronic pain that carrying stress around incorrectly. I’d like to do as the author suggests and write this post and throw it in the trash to get rid of my “negative” emotions and then cure myself!

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