3 things to remind yourself when you’re in a flare


1. There is an ending to a flare, even if it is not in sight

We never know how long a flare will last, but the good news is it is called a flare for a reason. It will eventually pass. It is difficult to transition from feeling better to feeling terrible so keep in mind that no matter how difficult it is you will eventually transition to a better place. Having a chronic illness is like being on a roller coaster that never ends. It’s unending ups and downs, but every time you go down you know that you will eventually go up again. Hold onto that.

2. Don’t blame yourself

As soon as we enter a flare we all start blaming ourselves for what we did to cause it. We ate too much junk food, we partied too much with our friends, we exercised too hard, we spent too much time working, etc. etc. There is no point in blaming ourselves, we did what we did so we just need to learn from our mistake and resolve to do better next time. Guilt is the hallmark of chronic illness, but at the end of the day it doesn’t do anyone any good. Feeling guilty will not help you feel better. What will help you get better is going back on your healthy diet, spending time resting, and doing easier exercise. Focus on the good you are doing and not the bad.

3. Engage in self preservation

When you have a chronic illness you have to learn to be selfish. It’s similar to when you’re on an airplane and you are supposed to put your oxygen mask on first before you assist someone else. With chronic illness you can’t be there for somebody else until you take care of your own health.
Granted, this advice doesn’t always work for me because I’m a parent and I always have someone I need to take care of. So when I’m not feeling well I focus on mine and my children’s needs and nobody else. Sometimes that means I have to drop the ball somewhere else, but if I don’t take care of myself I will be useful to no one. At the end of the day you have to make yourself a priority.
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One thought on “3 things to remind yourself when you’re in a flare

  1. It's so true we do start blaming ourselves. I am a parent too and seem to spend my time between looking after grandchildren and old relatives that need extra care. i find it hard to make time for myself and just seem to catch an hour here or there in my bedroom. Hope you can find some time for yourself. Best wishes

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