Dear Healthy People- congratulations on winning a working body

Dear Healthy People,

Thank you for entering the competition that is life. Congratulations you’re a winner! Through a random drawing you have won a working body and mind and I’m so happy for you. Take the time to enjoy the wonderful prize that you have given. Feel free to do whatever you want to do with your prize. You can even stretch the limits of your prize to the max, run a marathon, participate in sports, join crossfit, complete a decathlon, climb a mountain, give birth naturally to ten children, do whatever you whatever you can do! The only thing we ask is that you remember that not everyone won the same prize as you. Some people through no fault of their own came in second, third, or fourth place. Their prize were pretty good and will still allow them to do great things though maybe not as great as you. And then there are the people who came in last.  Remember the competition of life is random those that came in last because they were unlucky.

It’s hard to lose a competition through no fault of your own. Sometimes the group that came in last really has a hard time. What you do easily take ten times more effort on their part so they never measure up. It’s really hard for them to see you parading around and congratulating yourself on your first place prize. They watch you receive all the glory and attention and it hurts. They know and deep down you know that you didn’t do anything special to win your prize, you just got lucky, So when you act like you are better than them it breaks their hearts. When you tote how awesome you are because you won they start to question their worth. They wonder if anyone cares that they came in last and if anyone remembers how hard to is. They look at you enjoying your winnings and they know that you don’t remember them.

When you are congratulating yourself on your winnings please don’t forgot everyone else. Please remember that you have the privilege, yes that’s right the privilege of being able bodied, and you can lose that privilege at any time. Please don’t lord yourself over others who didn’t win the competition. We rejoice in your triumphs so please rejoice in ours even if they don’t look as impressive.

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