Finding peace

I was feeling very restless and grouchy the other morning. I am a nature girl and living in the suburbs is something akin to torture for me. I’ll do okay for a while but eventually the I get overwhelmed by the concrete, the nearness of my neighbors and their stupid dogs, the constant boom of other people’s music, the complete lack privacy, and the lack of anything that has to do with nature besides cockroaches. So I took myself to one of the local parks and explored the trails. Thank goodness for urban parks.

 I live in the coastal plains of Texas and things around here are pretty ugly, but I was so happy to get away from the sound and noises of the city and reset myself. Minus the jets that kept flying overhead practicing for the Houston Airshow all I could hear were the bugs and the animals. I was totally and completely alone and it was quiet and wonderful. I even had a deer and a fawn come right below the bridge I was standing on. It was just what I needed to reset and feel at peace. It was a good thing I did it too since soon after I got in the car I got a call from my daughter’s school letting me know she had a 102 degree fever. Sigh. The peace was so nice while it lasted.

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