Ode to my heating pad

Ode to my heating pad

Oh dear heating pad how our meeting was fate
As my eyes first fell upon your box I knew we were meant to be
Your 12 inch length was just the perfect size
Fate brought us together as there is no one else like you

How I have grown to depend on you dear heating pad
You make my pain bearable
You allow me to sleep when nothing else will
And you never ask anything in return

In the summer you are my enemy and yet I crave your heat
As I lay on you and sweat I curse my need for your help
If only I could stop needing you
But somehow I find myself coming back over and over

For the whole two months of winter I look forward to the time we spend together
Your soft and warm exterior warms my back and my heart
I collapse onto you at the end of the day and know I could never do without you
You are the friend I rely on the most

So please dear heating pad don’t leave
Don’t fail after a few months like your predecessors
You are better than them you are the one true heating pad
Stand by me as I stand by you
Forever, together, until someone invents better painkillers

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