Book review- The Secret Of Pembrooke Park

This book is now my new favorite of Julie Klassen’s. I’ve liked some of her books in the past but this is the best yet. She combines the elements of romance and mystery so well that this turned out to be a real page turner. Even better the mystery was very well done, I thought I had it all figured out and then it turned out I was completely wrong. There was some really clever writing involved in this novel.

I really found the main character Abby easy to relate to. Abby lives in the shadow of a beautiful and shallow sister so she struggles with the implications of this. Her practical nature is often taken advantage of by others- including her parents who don’t seem to realize the problem with how they treat their daughter. Abby struggles with making amends for her mistakes and doing right by her family and makes large personal sacrifices to make up for these mistakes. Through thesed struggles it is easy for the reader to see themselves in her and to understand the actions that she takes.

Julie Klassen’s “The Secret of Pembrooke Park” is my new favorite book in the genre of Regency Romance. Just make sure you pick it up when you have some free time, it’s a page turner.

* I received a copy from Bethany House publishers in exchange for a fair review.

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