what it's really like going to the doctors office

What it’s really like going to the doctors office

– You walk in and the receptionist gives you the stink eye

So sorry for inconveniencing you by making you do your job.

-You fill out reams of paperwork that are exactly the same as the paperwork you filled out the last 5 times you were there.

Do doctors offices make you do this for reasons of torture, or do they just throw your paperwork in the trash every time?

– You get to hang out in the waiting room with all the sick people until it’s an hour past your appointment time.

So glad you had to get up two hours early to make it to your appointment on time. Amazing how if you’re 10 minutes late your appointment gets cancelled, but the doctor can waltz in whenever they feel like it. Why don’t doctors have to pay me for wasting my time? 

– You finally get called in and go through the torturous experience of being weighed.

It turns out not being able to exercise anymore has made you gain weight! Who would’ve thought. Maybe if you could find a doctor who realized that being in horrific pain 24/7 wasn’t normal you could exercise more! 

 – You get to wait for another hour in the room.
You’re so bored you start listening to the doctors conversations with the people in the adjoining rooms. Sounds like that person has an interesting medical history Hmm, I wonder if other people listen to your conversation with the doctor?
– By the time the doctor arrives you’re a human popsicle because it’s freaking 60 degrees in there.
– The doctor breezes in and breezes out conveying as little information as possible while still managing to minimize your concerns and making you feel small.
Yep, so glad you charged me $200 for that.
– Your sent to the lab which makes you wait another hour before the take 20 vials of your blood.
I hope there’s some blood left in there.

– You finally escape and though you no longer have your dignity you at least have your prescriptions filled.

I just sold my soul


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