Book review- Dauntless

Dauntless By Dina L. Sleiman

I wanted to like this book. The basic plot was very interesting. It was set in the same time as Robin Hood, but about a women who leads homeless and parent-less children after a disaster. Merry’s adventures in the forest come not because of greed but because she is trying to protect the people she loves. That is a great idea for a plot, but it went wrong for me in several places. 

Where this book went wrong for me started with the religious parts, it seemed very forced. It sounded like the author wrote this great adventure and then went back afterwards and tried to interject religion. It was just poorly done and not believable. Second, the religion is some parts was straight up offensive. This quote for example, “She denied his kiss just as Peter denied his Christ.” Are you kidding me? She turns down the kiss of a guy she doesn’t love and you’re comparing her to Peter betraying Jesus Christ? That’s an offensive comparison, not to mention scary that the author is of the opinion that a women should just kiss whatever guy feels like kissing her otherwise she’s a betrayer. I think the author was trying to portray a strong female character in Merry, but comments like these undermined the author’s intent. 

The book went downhill from there for me. The bad guy just kept reappearing over and over again. Every time I would think I was almost at the end and then NOPE there he is again, getting his revenge, again. I thought the book would never end. 

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