9 reasons summer is just the worst

Please don’t let it be summer, please! Summer kicks my trash. For one thing the weather  makes me feel horrible and leads to me swell up like a balloon. Also my hands are virtually unusable from the months of April-October. For another thing, my kids are out of school. Now I love my kids very much, but I’ve found since my illness my tolerance for a little person talking to me for 12 straight hours has diminished. I love that my son is curious, but holy cow I get so tired of answering the same questions over and over and over and over again. He has been out of school for less than four days and I’m about to climb the walls. How can one tiny person have so much energy? He literally bounces around all day long while I’m dragging my tired carcass from place to place. I wish I could just siphon off some of his energy. Then there is my daughter whose mission in life is to see how many times a minute she can whine about her brother. So all this has led me to think about:

8 reasons summer is just the worst

1. Bikini bods

It starts in February. “Summer is coming, it’s time to get working on your bikini bod!”

As if.

This body isn’t getting in anything more revealing than a bath robe because five years of chronic illness has left it’s mark.

2. Children everywhere you go

Now I like children, I have two after all and I even like my friends’ children, but I hate being around other people’s children in public places. Exhausted parents take their kids out to give themselves a break and let them run around like crazy hooligans. So if I’m out in public I not only have to parent my children, I have to parent the kids whose parents are too lazy to parent. Like when a 14 year old thinks it’s appropriate to beat my kid and the parents are too lazy to get up and stop it, so I have to lecture the 14 year old on how if he wants to avoid JuV he better stop following his parents example and find a way to be a productive citizen.

3. Boob sweat

I hate heat, sweat, and bras. Put them together and you’ve got the worst thing ever, boob sweat. In the summer bras are the devils underwear.

4. Melting ice cream/ Popsicle

One of the greatest summer conundrums is the need to buy cold treats, but trying to keep the cold treats from melting from the store to home. It’s bad enough that there is no Blue Bell this year (this is a tragedy of epic proportions for Texans), but even though I put my Popsicles under the AC vent on the way home from the store yesterday, they melted before I could get them to the freezer. First world problem I know, but it’s freaking hot here and I need Popsicles. Making them at home solves this problem, but said kids and weather are sucking up all my extra energy.

5. Electric bills

It’s June 2nd and it’s already 90 degrees here. I’m a sweaty mess after just blow drying my hair for 10 minutes. From the hours of 3-7 pm my AC doesn’t ever stop running. I try to turn up the temperature to give the AC a break, but when your AC is set to 82 degrees it feels like you’re living in a sauna. And then the cost for that sauna is still several hundred dollars a month, resulting in me being much poorer in the summer. Plus, because heat makes my pain and stiffness worse, I really need to keep the temperature at a reasonable level.

6. Sand, sand everywhere

When people find out that I live near the beach they always say “That must be so amazing, I’d love to live by the beach. You are so lucky!”

Hurricanes aside, I hate the beach because sand is the “gift” that just keeps on giving. It gets in your car, which you then have to vacuum. It’s gets on your sandals, which you have to hose off. It gets on your kids, who wash it off in the bath, and then you have to wash the bath. Then you put the sandy towels in the washer and then you have to wash the sand out of the washer. It’s the nightmare that never ends.

7. Never ending light

I need the sun to live, I really do. I love laying in the grass and feeling the warm sun on my skin, but in the summer that feeling results in sunburn in 15 minutes or less. And then the sun never goes away! It cheerfully wakes you up at 6:00 am when you don’t want to be cheerful, and then it won’t go away until 10:00 pm when you just freaking want your kids to go to sleep.

8. Shaving your legs and *ahem* swimsuit areas

I wear shorts 9 months out of the year, so I’m pretty down with shaving my legs, despite the olympic level contortions it involves. However, in the summer I HAVE TO SHAVE THE TOP HALF OF MY LEGS. *Shudder* This involves contortions on a whole new level that I do not appreciate. And then I have to wear a swimsuit almost every day because I live on the sun and the only way to survive is to be in the pool.

9. Bugs

Here in Texas there are bugs year round. The roaches never actually die no matter how cold it gets. However, in the summer the bugs reach a new level of gross. Roaches, bees, wasps, fire ants, mosquitoes, june bugs, ticks, beetles, spiders, cicadas, flies, gnats and more are all more prevalent in the summer.

Don’t worry though, this post is only half true/half sarcasm so not only will I survive I might even like it a little bit.  As long as the roaches don’t eat me.

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4 thoughts on “9 reasons summer is just the worst

  1. I hear ya!! I couldn't agree more. I just read an article about people that get SAD in the
    summer like most people have it in the winter months. Seasonal Affective Disorder. I think
    I do. Good luck to you 🙂 I'll be reading your blog. Bobbie

  2. *shudder* Roaches. I despise roaches and flies. I know they provide a service to Nature, but I don't want to SEE them, much less EXPERIENCE them. And the flying palm roaches? They're like freaking homing missiles of grossness! I'm freaking out inside just typing this. Gaaaah!

    But seriously, I feel you on ALL of these. I don't have kids, but other people's kids pretty much never fail to piss me off. What's up with the 14 year old beating your kids?!?! Was it a stranger? Like, seriously, wtf?? And yes. Boob sweat is one of the worst things about bras in general. I hate bras. *sigh* Why can't I be a thin waif of a thing with a proportionally small bosom that requires no support? WHY?! (Oh yeah, I know why– cause then my husband wouldn't have dated me in the first place, boob man that he is. LMAO)

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