What I love

We all deal with illness and pain in our own way, but one way I deal with it is by surrounding myself with the things I love. Sometimes I just need a reminder that life is in fact, beautiful.

I love sunshine. I’ve mentioned this before but I do not do well without the sun. I don’t know how people in the northern climate do it. I don’t know how I did it for the first 18 years of my life. I cannot function without sunlight. When it’s boiling hot outside like it is now I  remind myself that at least it’s sunny.

I love the sound of children’s laughter. There is nothing more beautiful than the sound of children laughing and giggling. It never fails to make me smile. They are so happy and carefree and it’s infectious.

I love the beautiful orange tree in my back yard. Technically it’s my neighbors tree but most of it hangs in our yard. It has hundreds of beautiful oranges that brighten up our whole yard.

I love my friends and family. I’m so lucky to have wonderful supportive people in my life. I’m glad I have people I can rely on and who rely on me. I’m glad there are people out there who know who I really am, and appreciate me for it.

I love the outdoors. Nature is how I commune with the divine. It’s easier to believe in a loving God when I’m surrounded by beautiful things.  I feel strengthened when I’m not surrounded by people and concrete like I am in my day to day life. There is something about feeling the wind in your hair and listening to the animals that just brings me peace.

I love fresh juicy peaches. Random I know, but the peaches in Texas are terrible. They make me long for the amazing peaches I used to eat as a kid in Michigan. We’d go to the orchard and buy a giant barrel of peaches and then eat as much as we wanted! I was thrilled when we visited Seattle last year and found some peaches that were so juicy you had to eat them over the sink. That’s how peaches were meant to be eaten.

I love swimming. I’ve always thought I should have been a mermaid. I’m more comfortable in water then on land. If I had a pool I would float in the water all day long, it’s just so relaxing. Since my illness I’ve found that I’m in less pain in the water so that’s another bonus.

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2 thoughts on “What I love

  1. I absolutely agree with your blog. Even when I have a screaming migraine, if the sun is shining brightly outside, it's ok, I have blackout curtains in our bedroom. I always have the window open and I can here children playing, birds chirping, weird as it sounds it's actually soothing. I have to hold onto good things when my body is in darkness. I remind myself, this will pace, this will not last forever. Beautiful post. Sammie http://www.feastingisfun.com

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