No, I didn’t just do that

You know when you have one of those days that you realize you are way too angry at the world? Like when a store royally screws up and then blames their screw up on you and then you completely lose your temper and raise your voice at said idiot even though you promised that you would never ever do that to somebody in customer service because of the years you suffered getting yelled at? 
Yeah, me neither.
After said screw up (which we will pretend did not happen, even though it was TOTALLY justified because some people are morons who then pretend that it is actually you that is a moron and then try to rip you off) I may or may not have realized that I have a lot of built up anger, pain, frustration, possibly more anger, and stress. I used to be a nice person that very rarely lost my temper and these days I seem to be constantly seeing red.

A big part of the problem is that my kids have been home all summer while I have been dealing with kidney stones on and off. Managing my regular pain is hard enough, but when you add in kidney stone pain, and then add taking care of two human beings for 24/7 it’s enough to make anyone nuts. Plus the two human beings in question seem to have been put on this earth with the instinct to eliminate each other which therefore puts me on prevention duty for eternity. For example, yesterday they were fighting over a glass of water. A freaking glass of water, you know that very replaceable resource that comes to us through the sink at a very low cost? It’s not like there is a limited amount of water in our house, we even have lots of glasses to put water in. I promise the kids are allowed to get themselves a drink of water anytime they want. Yet my kids fought over it like it was a precious diamond or stuffed crust pizza. They screamed bloody murder at each other. My son hit his sister, ran to his room and slammed the door, all while continuing to scream at her. She then ran to his door and started banging on it screaming at him. He opened the door and slammed it a couple times to make sure she knew her fingers were in danger. She started screaming her brother was trying to kill her, and it devolved from there. But don’t worry, ten minutes later they were holding hands and reading a book together. 

There is less than a week until school starts and at this point I can’t guarantee I’m going to make it. It’s entirely possible my kids will stage a coupe and then lose control when they can’t stop fighting over who gets to be in charge. My daughter will whine and cry about how my son always gets to be in charge and that it’s her turn so he needs to stop being mean. My son will just hit her and run off laughing to assert his dominance as king of the jungle. I will be left in my prison with only chicken nuggets to eat while Caillou is on endless repeat causing me to slowly go insane. 
But I digress…
This is what parenting does to you. It makes it so you can’t even write a blog post or finish a complete thought and gives you anger issues, 
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