Ode to hospital mesh underwear

*Warning TMI ahead

Can I just say how much I love the mesh underwear you can get from the hospital? It saved my life after my two c-sections, and it saved my life this week after having surgery to remove my kidney stone. Because nothing uncomfortable is going near my abdomen right now.

I used to think I was a freak for liking mesh underwear so much, and then one day I had a random conversation with some friends about it, where we all admitted with shame that we thought it was awesome. So I know I’m not alone in this.  Loving hospital underwear is a dirty secret that most of us would never admit, but today I’m putting myself out there and laying it all on the table. I LOVE HOSPITAL MESH UNDERWEAR.

So here’s some great news for the other secret mesh fans out there, you can buy it on amazon! I’m going to go buy like 20 pairs and model them for my husband (okay, not really, but if I ever have another abdominal surgery, it’s happening). 

So no more shame guys. No more shame for disdaining those frilly pink Victoria Secret thongs and going for the ugly, mesh, but oh so comfortable granny panties. Just embrace the mesh. Walk around in full comfort. Walk around secure in the knowledge that you are doing what you love, wearing comfortable underwear. No one will ever know, as long as I don’t tell on you.

PS- I was going to link to them on Amazon, but I thought that might be too much, You’ll just have to go discover them on your own! 

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