Book review- Until the dawn

Having read all of Elizabeth Camden’s previous books I was excited to get a chance to review this one. Unfortunately, this is now my least favorite of all her books. From the beginning I found the main character Sophie  irritating.  Her naivety just made her look gullible and made me hate her. She exists in a made up world where everything is sunshine and butterflies and when something bad happens you should just go on smiling and pretending things are just fine. She also thinks that being nice to someone will automatically make sure they treat you right, and since this is a novel she is continually proven to be correct, making the novel very predictable. My favorite Sophie line that illustrates how annoying she is happens when someone asks her why her cooking tastes so much better than everyone else. She responds by telling him its love. Apparently no one else cooks with the right amount of love. Are you kidding me?

Overall, I don’t feel like I could recommend this book to anyone. Stick with Elizabeth Camden’s previous books and skip over this.

I was provided this book by Bethany House Publishers, but my views are my own.

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