8 reasons fibromyalgia is the worst

8 reasons Fibromyalgia is the worst

 In response to the criticism about my “5 ways Fibromyalgia makes you awesome” post being too positive, I decided to write a counter post. I even upped the ante by coming up with eight things, instead of five! Warning: this post contains sarcasm. 

1. It turns you into an idiot

Fibro fog takes over your brain and suddenly the once intelligent person you were goes out the window. The next thing you know you’re forgetting Dr Pepper in the freezer and it ends up exploding all over the place, this has never happened to me. It’s even better when you forget someones name when you’ve known them forever and you’re in a conversation with them. It really makes you feel special.

2. A lot of gross things happen to you

I plead the fifth here. Try not to use your imagination.

3. It makes you fat

So deliciously fat. Because all sick people do is sit around and eat twinkies all day.

OR what is more likely:

Some doctors like to claim people are fat and then they get Fibromyalgia, when it’s actually the other way around. Believe it or not, being in pain and feeling tired all the time does NOT make you want to exercise. SHOCKING! In fact, it’s actual a barrier to exercise! So sometimes people gain weight. Even people who try not to. Imagine that!

4. It takes all your money

Fibromyalgia is expensive. It destroys your body, makes working difficult, and then makes you spend tons of money on doctors appointments and coping techniques. It practically sucks money from you. My yearly cost of heating pads alone is several hundred dollars. That’s not even factoring in the cost of health insurance, co-pays, or prescriptions. There is a reason most people with Fibro are broke and it’s not because we spend our money on Disney vacations.

5. You can’t eat things that taste good anymore

Everyone with Fibromyalgia has been on some sort of diet. Some go gluten free, some do juice diets, some go vegan or dairy free. There is an endless amount of confusing advice out there about how diet effects Fibro. It’s like doctors don’t think we are miserable enough, so they take away our chocolate and pastries so our misery will be complete. And then we STILL get in trouble for being fat. I mean, what else could they take away from us?

6. Everyone expects you to be inspirational

“Oh I don’t know how you live like you do, I could never do it. You’re SO amazing”! Barf, we’ve all heard it. I’m not an inspiration, I’m a cranky 31 year old that’s pissed I can’t have a real life. Too bad no one asked my opinion on things.

7. It changes your personality

“Wow, you’ve changed SO much.” Yes, believe it or not my entire life being turned upside down HAS changed me.  *Gasp*

8. People tell you to smile a lot when you don’t want to

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me to smile when my life was in the shithouse. I hate being told to smile. I will smile when I darn well feel like it. I don’t have to smile when everything is falling apart. Please leave me and my RBF alone.

So there it is. I hope you enjoyed my cranky, angry, sarcastic, and hostile post!

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13 thoughts on “8 reasons Fibromyalgia is the worst

  1. How can you say those things I have fibro,am size8 exercise everyday I run work full time ,party at weekends,then I wake up in pain hardly slept,still tired,fat oh and sit about all day eating lol

  2. Beyond true, everything you said. It’s amazing how quickly our lives can go to shit, Fibro Sucks! So hope you find some piece!

  3. I have had fibro for 15 yrs and in the last 6 months I have noticed headaches, anxiety, fibro fog, and noise is bothering the heck out of me. I try to exercise and end up in pain and give up. I know that I must get back at it so after this I am going to go back upstairs and get on the tredmill. I use to drink wine and gave that up because it makes it worse. I just want to say don’t give up some days are better than others and yes people think I am a hypochondriac, but I do not care. I choose to work, I do not want to sit on my behind all day and be miserable. Yes, it does SUCK but it is what we make of it. My husband is wonderful and knows when I need my rest, I need my rest. I have 8 grandkids and they sometimes don’t understand, but they are getting better. Take Care and God Bless

    1. Exercising is so hard for me. I do it because it benefits my body in the long term, but in the meantime it sucks out all my energy and makes my pain level sky rocket. I wish more people understood how hard it is for people with Fibro.

  4. So funny and so true. I used to be a type A personality and could juggle home, work, family, bills, etc….now I forget to brush my teeth. Some days I don’t have the energy to get out of my pajamas! And more often than not, I forget what I am talking about, halfway through a sentence….or at least freeze and spend precious time trying to remember a name, a word….makes you feel like you are learning to talk all over again. I eat far less than I used to but have 50more pounds on me…and as far as exercise goes, walking up a flight of stairs leaves me wheezing. I watch far more TV than should be allowed….but don’t remember it anyway, so maybe that cancels it out? I still haven’t figured out how to respond to”I don’t know how you do it” and the last guy that told me to SMILE, it can’t be that bad, in the grocery store got an earful he won’t soon forget. But…every day is an adventure, some shitty, some even more shitty….I Ave been able to appreciate a lot more in life though. My pets are an AWESOME help, heating pads are a godsend….I love being outside more than ever, even if I just read a magazine for a few minutes in a chair. I definitely don’t sweat the small stuff any longer. Life has been re-prioritized, and for the better, I think. Stuff and money worries, no longer really matter. Experiences, relationships, giving back….this is important. So if I have to go through this fibro crap in order to slow down in life, and see what is truly important …. then I guess it’s worth it. NOT EASY, by any means… but worth it.

  5. You got it right! After 20 years of suffering with fibromyalgia I, too, spend a LOT of time watching TV in a filthy house, in my pajamas, and on the internet trying to distract myself. My family still thinks I’m lazy. How’s on earth do they not understand that this is not my idea of fun?!?

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