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It can be difficult to navigate the large amount of information thrown at healthcare patients when searching the typical search engine such as google. That is where MedNexus comes in. MedNexus is a search engine specifically designed to address health and to bring information to patients from accurate sources.

I happened to be contacted about reviewing MedNexus while I was writing an article I needed to support with research and statistics, so I was excited to try it out. Traditionally I have found google a very frustrating venue for this type of research. Google scholar can be a good resource, but in the past I have found their layout to be frustrating and the results generally unhelpful. So I decided to search both google and MedNexus for information on chronic pain and see what they came up with.

The first thing I noticed about MedNexus was its layout. Search results are divided into the categories:

Health Topics

This section includs links to such resources as MedlinePlus, the CDC, the National Organization for Rare Disorders, and more. I found this section to be much more helpful than google as it didn’t include a bunch of useless links to wade through like the Mayo Clinic or WebMD. Generally with google I have to go to page two of search results to bypass the pointless information, compared to MedNexus whose information was on the top of the page.

Published Research

In my case I was specifically looking for published research on chronic pain, so this section was just what I needed. It took me only a few minutes to find exactly the research I was looking for from reputable journals. This was because of the MedNexus simple layout. Google scholar does have more features such as the option to sort by date of publication or by case law, but the extra features on google were more confusing than helpful. None of the journal articles I found on MedNexus (which I used as sources for my article) came up in my google search.

Forum Discussions

The Forum Discussions section takes you to sites such as Healingwell, Health Boards, MedHelp and more. These were not particular helpful for my research, but if I were looking to read about an illness from those who experience it, this would be the perfect layout. It’s clear, concise, and easy to find what you want.

For research purposes I would clearly choose MedNexus, however I was curious about its every day application. If I wanted to learn more about a medical condition and not read scholarly articles would it be helpful? A friend of mine has complex regional pain syndrome and I wanted to learn more about it. I searched both google and MedNexus to see which would give me the best information. I found MedNexus’ clear organization very valuable in this instance. I did not have to wade through useless articles full of clinical definitions of what the disease entails. I went straight to the forum discussions about the disease and was able to learn about it from real people with real experience. In this case, MedNexus was clearly superior.

What is the downside of MedNexus? I found when my search terms were more complicated, I did not see the kind of results I was looking for. Basic search terms like “chronic pain” or “MS” lead to a wealth of information, but more complicated questions like ” Lyme disease doctors” or “allergies and Fibromyalgia” did not produce accurate results.

MedNexus Pros

Clean layout
Easy access to scholarly articles
No clutter in search results
Easier access to health forums
Filters out useless articles

MedNexus Cons

Limited to basic search queries

Overall I would recommend MedNexus to anyone researching an issue related to health, or anyone looking to connect with people who have the same illness. It’s a search engine that I plan to use in the future to gather information about health topics.

To learn more about MedNexus:

* MedNexus Facebook page

* MedNexus on Twitter

* MedNexus is looking for more feedback on their site, especially from users. If you would like to improve the experience, please fill out their survey here.

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