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DineSafe-An app for eating out with food allergies

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In the US (unlike the UK and Europe) there are no allergen disclosure laws for restaurants. This makes eating out more difficult for anyone with a specific allergy or diet.  DineSafe is a new app that seeks to address this problem which is why it is free both for users and restaurants. DineSafe wants to put a system in place for disclosing allergens before the US develops legislation that has the potential to be influenced lobbyists. Therefore DineSafe seeks to allow customers to customize their dining needs and then search for restaurants that meet those needs. DineSafe aims to save its customers money, time, and hassle as it strives to eliminate dining errors for people with allergies and specific diets.

Account Set-Up

When you first log on to DineSafe to set up an account you have the opportunity to enter information as a restaurant or a user. For restaurants this allows for easy upload of information into the app and the ability to keep their menu up to date.  If you set up your account as a user the first thing you do is enter your allergens and your diet. It’s a quick and easy set up which allows the user to enter their options and move on to the next step.


DineSafe includes more than just the top 8 allergens usually featured. If you choose to enter allergens you have options such as: dairy, egg, peanut, tree nut, garlic, gluten, mustard, seeds, sesame, soy, beef, chicken, fish, pork, shellfish, celery, corn, mushroom, onion, tomato, gelatin, latex, MSG, or Sulphates. I was impressed by the amount of allergy options that the app offers. In my case I was looking for gluten free, so it was easy to locate and select the option I wanted. However, I’m not always on the same diet so the wide variety of options was helpful.

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Another option presented in the account set up of DineSafe is the diet option. You can select vegetarian, vegan, raw, paleo, organic, GMO-free, kosher, or halal. I was also impressed by the amount of different diet options. Some of my friends are on specific diets and when we are looking for a restaurant to go to it would be easy to select the right diet for that specific circumstance. I loved that it included the Halal diet, as this is one that is frequently overlooked.

Once you enter your specific diet and allergy preferences the app can then locate the restaurants in your area that meet you specific needs. It finds those restaurants by using GPS, therefore getting the closest locations possible. If you prefer you can also search by specific locations. Users can also look at restaurants in their area that have been endorsed by other users. This allows users to recommend restaurants that successfully cater to their specific needs. The app also has the capability of creating instant menus for users. This saves users the hassle of looking up and down products sheets trying to find the right food that meets their needs, especially when there are multiple needs that complicate the process.

The app is still new and very limited in its restaurants, but they are still expanding. Overall this app looks like it will be a tremendous help to anyone with allergies or diet restrictions. No more guessing which restaurants have the right menu, you have the ability to pull up the right menu right on your phone.

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