shit i don't have time for

S*** I don’t have time for- chronic illness edition

1. Proving my illness to random strangers

Tell me again why your opinion is supposed to matter to me? 

2. Arguing with my insurance company, again

I’m so glad I pay you $400 a month to not pay my bills! 

3. Straightening my hair

Life is too short to waste time on futile exercises. 

4. Comments on my blog telling me that I’m fat and lazy

Really dude? (Yes, it’s always a dude) You don’t have anything else to do with your life? Who’s the pathetic one again?

5. Shaving my legs

A whole lot of NOPE

6. People who think that God would cure me if I had enough faith

Because God is basically just Santa Claus?

7. Child proof prescription bottles.

Child proof, you mean adult proof. Let’s give someone their arthritis medication in a bottle someone with arthritis can’t open!

8. Stupid doctors

12 years of extra school and you’re still an ass.  

9.  Uncomfortable clothes

I blame the patriarchy. 

10. People who want to sell me potential cures. Including other people with chronic illness who like to inform me that they were cured, and if I only just tried harder I would be cured too.

I am sooooo glad your special shake going for $99 holds the cure for every disease known to man. Explain to me again how you’re the only person that knows this? 

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7 thoughts on “S*** I don’t have time for- chronic illness edition

  1. #5 I gave it up, too. Of course, I’m single, so it doesn’t bother anyone. I’m not sure I will ever do it again if Mr. Right comes along.
    #7 My pharmacy has caps that become non-child-proof if a disc in the center is pushed in. The pharmacist does it for me; if I could do it for myself, I could probably open the child-proof cap. My old pharmacy replaced the caps with the old kind.
    #9 I have said for many years that bras are torture devices invented by men. I still wear them when I’m out, but not at home.

    1. My husband doesn’t complain too much, but luckily for him winter where I live is about 2 months long. The rest of the year I have to give in or suffer heat stroke =)

  2. Oh #8….so sad but so true. I finally found a good one.
    Love your blog. Glad I found you (through Counting My Spoons). Your humor is right up my alley!

  3. Oh my goodness… It was like I was meant to find your blog today! I have Lyme and fibro (and a 2 year old and a 4 year old) I love your list and sense of humor!

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