The annual cost of healthcare for a family of four is 24,671

Saving money by catching costly medical errors with Remedy

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Anyone in the US that has ever had any sort of illness knows what a burden medical bills can be. Even when you have insurance the bills can be astronomical because of high deductibles and copays. The Milliman Medical Index (MMI) puts the annual cost of healthcare for a family of four at $24,671 and the cost keeps rising.  Furthermore, medical bills are the number one cause of bankruptcies and affect more than 2 million people every year.  Outside bankruptcies an estimated 56 million adults between 19 and 64 will struggle with medical bills this year. Yet the bills keep rising and they are made even larger by costly medical errors.

When you go into the hospital or have surgery part of the stress is that you never know how much it is going to cost you. There are always some unanticipated costs that get added to your bill. If you have ever asked for an itemized bill you have probably noticed some of the overcharges and tried to get them removed. Unfortunately dealing with these charges takes a lot of time and effort and involves a lot of frustration. Many of us just give up because the system is so confusing and it’s difficult to find anyone willing to help.

This is where Remedy comes in. Remedy can be your advocate in reviewing your medical bill for errors and getting rid of overcharges. They fight with the provider on your behalf. Their services are especially relevant when it comes to ER visits, surgery, hospital visits, and labor and delivery because hospitals are notorious for medical errors. Remedy finds mistakes on 70% of medical bills. Sometimes claims gets filed with the wrong insurance company, sometimes they are told you don’t have insurance when you actually do (this just happened to me), sometimes claims are filed under the wrong name, or sometimes the billing codes are just incorrect. Remedy can find these errors and the cost to you is only 20% of what they save you up to $99. So it’s free to try because they only make money when you make money.


Remedy- Save money on medical bills

When you visit Remedy’s website on their homepage you have the option of sending in your medical bills. Their website offers the options of:

  • Automatically detecting new bills
  • Identifying errors and overcharges
  • Negotiating with hospitals and insurance
  • Settling with collections agencies
  • Providing easy online bill pay

Uploading bills to remedy

You can send in your medical bills via text and your advocate will keep you updated on their progress. Remedy has experienced technologists and medical specialists that will ask you a few questions after they get your bill, and then you just sit back and wait. 

Remedy also features a blog page where they have resources and blog posts about dealing with the medical system. It has resources directing you to sign up with the Affordable Care Act as well as information on getting informed about your medical bills.

remedy app blog


If you are dealing with costly medical bills give Remedy a try. It comes at no cost to you if they don’t find any errors, you will only be charged if they save you money.


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