stuff no one tells you about living with a chronic illness

S*** no one tells you about chronic illness

When you get diagnosed with a chronic illness there are some things your doctor will never tell you. Even your friends with chronic illness may not mention them, sometimes because they aren’t a polite topic of conversation, sometimes because you just have to find out for yourself.


Pooping can become a lot more difficult. Quilted Northern is your friend.

Seriously, pooping. Look into the squatty potty, I’ve heard good things.

Lying around all day is not actually not as fun as you think

You will have conversations with your spoonie friends about body parts you’d never thought you’d mention to another human being

Painsomnia will haunt you

You will lose respect for doctors and many other medical professionals. You might even come to hate them.

Those “relaxing” yoga poses are for gymnasts, not regular people

You will miss things you used to hate, like work and exercise

You’re going to be told you’re crazy on a regular basis

Random body parts may swell up to ginormous proportions, and you’ll just ignore it and go on with your life

You will be jealous of healthy people, and sometimes you’ll hate them

Even though you know your illness isn’t your fault, you will feel guilty about being sick

You and your heating pad will be close friends

You will have to give up everything that tastes good

You cannot push through fatigue, it will just make you sicker

Your probably going to sweat a lot, and usually for no reason so be prepared

Being sick will effect your mental capabilities. You will lose your thoughts in the middle of a sentence. You will try to shampoo your hair with your body wash at least once

Jeans are hell, you will embrace the wonder of yoga pants

Because of bad experiences, you might develop doctor anxiety

Being sick is a full time job. You will spend most of your energy on doctors appointments, yelling at your insurance company, and managing your prescriptions.

Parts of your body will hurt that you never thought possible, like your hair

Getting disability benefits is practically impossible

Sometimes you will completely fall apart, but you will find a way to put yourself back together again.

Your body is constantly surprising you with the new ways it can find to malfunction.

Life is still funny, even when you’re hurting

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2 thoughts on “S*** no one tells you about chronic illness

  1. Thank you! This was so true and helpful. I’ve recently been diagnosed with Lupus and I don’t one person with an autoimmune disease to talk to. This article made me laugh.

  2. THANK YOU….I found a support group for the state of Missouri. It has been a God-send. We vent and share things that have made our lives easier. My heart goes out to the young ladies who are pregnant and have been diagnosed with a chronic illness. That has to be the very WORST to deal with. Every thing you mention here is so true. I pray daily for all of us that are living with a chronic illness. And I truly believe that all of us need to find something to laugh about every day. It is good medicine and I have had my dose today after reading this. God Bless…

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