my favorite chronic illness blog posts

My favorite blog posts about chronic illness

I typically try to share my favorite chronic illness articles each week on Facebook, but it doesn’t let people see my posts anymore without paying for promotion. So instead I’m collecting my favorite posts all in one place for some easier access. There are some amazing chronic illness bloggers out there, and this is just a small sampling from this week.

Tips for Reducing Stress with Fibromyalgia from the Girl with the Five Lads

“Do you ever allow yourself time to recharge and gain some mental clarity to focus on the simple things within life instead of being bogged down by stresses of juggling busy lives? With a chronic illness such as Fibromyalgia it is so important to reduce stress.”

Student in Self Care: How my Perspective is Changing from Living Grace

“Self care was hard for me long before I got sick. I was a busybody with a near-constant full plate. Sickness has merely highlighted the fact that I deeply struggle with resting, refilling, and fighting off the pressure to be constantly doing something. It’s challenged me to prioritize and appreciate the value of taking care of myself.”


How to help alter the depression chronic pain cycle from A Life Well Red

“Among those patients diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, 50% will develop significant depression. Unfortunately, the chemical reactions that accompany depression can contribute to an increase in the pain response, thus creating a ‘vicious cycle’ effect of: pain + depression = more pain and a more depressive state which = more pain, ect.”

The battle between chronic illness and self esteem from Grace is Sufficient

” don’t know about you, but I’m not the same person I was before my illness. The years of searching for a diagnosis, dealing with symptoms, pain, fatigue, and management of medicine and supplements can leave you feeling so trapped. It can easily take over your life.”


What obstacles are there to acceptance?  from Brainless Blogger

“Acceptance is where I want to be and sometimes I feel the ‘vibe’ of it and even the ‘rational’ of it but then certain things impede my existence in that state of mind.”

Study Shows: you look too good to be sick from Counting my Spoons

“…attractiveness results in being rated in one direction, disability in a different direction, and having an “ambiguous” pain disorder (aka Fibromyalgia) where your pain can’t easily be explained results in a different set of stereotypes.”

And of course in case you missed it…

what self care means when you have a chronic illness

What self care means when you have a chronic illness

Self care means something different for everyone, but here’s what it means to me:

It means connecting to what is important

It means practicing self compassion and kindness

It means doing the things that make me happy

It means setting boundaries and following them

It means maintaining my mental health


I hope you enjoy all these amazing bloggers!

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