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Okayist parent alert- this isn’t a Pinterest household

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I’ve never been the Pinterest parent and my house has never been a Pinterest house, but since the advent of chronic illness things may have slid…a little. Not that we live in filth or anything, things just aren’t as perfect as I would like them to be. Then again, when is life ever perfect?

Complete with bad photography (because I’m not a Pinterest photographer) here’s what it really looks like around here:

Pinterest salad
Pinterest salad


My salad
My salad

Sadly it’s even unusual that I have chicken in my salad. It’s only there because it was leftover from an event I attended. Yes I absconded with a bag of chicken somebody else cooked, and I don’t feel guilty about it either. I promise I didn’t sneak out with the chicken under my shirt or anything. It’s possible I stuffed it in my purse and ran out the door with Olympic speed, I let you be the judge.

Pinterest closet
Pinterest closet


my clean clothes
Our clean clothes

Yes those have been there for three days. The only reason they are even in the basket is so if someone comes over I can quickly throw it into my room. Don’t worry though, I’ll put things away before next week’s laundry needs to get done. If my kids get desperate enough, they know where to find their clean clothes. Full disclosure though, they’ve never been that desperate so they regularly go to school in mismatched outfits.

Pinterest tea
Pinterest tea


My tea
My tea

This is as fancy as it gets people. It’s me and Eeyore against the world. I won’t show you a picture of the state of my teapot, it’s embarrassing. It used to look like this, but that is no longer the case. Let’s just say my teapot isn’t high on the cleaning priority list.

Pinterest organization


My kid's version of organization
Our organization

I used to have visions of having a spotless and completely organized home, but my kids had other plans. I love to have everything perfectly organized (hello Container Store), but it turns out kids don’t come with a neatnick gene. And since they are biologically related to my spouse, they really aren’t predisposed towards cleanliness of any sort.

Pinterest love note for child’s backpack


Love note for my son's backpack
Love note for my son’s backpack

To be fair to myself, there is a story behind the obsessive notes I leave for my son about his method of getting home from school. He got lost on the first day of school this year and for 30 minutes we didn’t know where he was. It was not a fun experience for me, my son, the bus driver, or the staff at his school. Plus, if I wrote love notes he would probably be grossed out because at the tender age of six he has decided that moms are not cool. I look forward to the teenage years, hopefully he’ll remember how to get home from school by then.


Where I truly excel in my bad Pinterest parenting are my home decorations. Any crafts you may have viewed in my home were not created by me, they were created by my mom. My mom is incredibly talented in the craft department so she makes sure we have suitable seasonal decorations.  If it were up to me the only fall decorations we’d have would be dedicated to Texas A&M football, and they would be purchased. My mother’s valiant efforts to teach me how to sew, knit, and paint all came to nothing. .

So good for you Pinterest parents I wish I could join your awesome ranks , but sadly I think I’ve received a failing grade.

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7 thoughts on “Okayist parent alert- this isn’t a Pinterest household

  1. You have no idea how much this just helped me! I have alot of guilt for the lack of organization and things getting done in my house. For the time I feel like someone understands. Thank you.

    1. Your welcome! I also have a lot of guilt because I like to be organized and perfect, but I’m not. I figured I should finally own up to the mess that is my life =)

  2. I can’t even post pictures this week or my house =) We failed to hit the basket and the clean clothes “were” on the couch until the dog had other plans. I also feel guilty and it is so nice to read that other people are in this same situation. Have a good week!!

    1. My greatest fail this week was when I realized my son wore crocs to church. I asked him why he’d think that was okay, and he told me he had to because there were no clean socks. Mom fail! Hope your week is good as well!

  3. This speaks to me. I work FT despite constant fatigue. Somehow I’ve been able to drag myself to my desk most days. but I am useless at home. My spouse acts like he thinks it’s laziness on my part, and the kids have started calling me out. At least the kids all do their own laundry. They take turns doing dishes, but they’ve started rebelling on certain things, saying that if Mom doesn’t have to help neither should they. Yay! My self-esteem is soaring….

    1. I think it’s amazing you manage to work FT despite the fatigue! Most days I’m barely hanging on, and I only work PT from home. I do struggle with a spouse that doesn’t understand though, it seems like what I do is never enough.

      1. Yeah, what is it with that?! DH is legally blind, he has a degenerative condition that started when he was 8. He’s adapted, we’re adapted, I knew about it before we were married. I went undiagnosed for years. And now that we HAVE the diagnosis, he’s one of the worst about “eat better, exercise more and you’ll magically get better”.
        He’s a great guy, great with the kids, he cooks, cleans, does laundry, etc. He’s been a SAHD since the twins were 6 weeks old. But neither of us is perfect.

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