12 days of christmas fibro gave me to

12 days of Christmas fibro gave to me

The Twelve Days of Christmas Fibromyalgia gave to me…

  1. Ginormous flare

try-harder12. Swollen hands


3. Days of itching


4. Unexplained symptoms


5. Judgmental relatives


6. Days of fibro fog

forget7. Sleepless nights


8. Days of fatigue

too-tired9. Magic cures offered


10. Daily medications


11. Doctor appointments


12. Trigger points


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6 thoughts on “12 days of Christmas fibro gave to me

    1. I’m dragging myself to the store today even though I feel terrible. I’m reminding myself it’s supposed to be fun =)

  1. Ahh…yes to every single one. Especially number eleven. Wobbled into the Rheumy’s office last week to see about getting my sleep medication changed up to something that might actually work. She flippantly said “that is no longer my area.” Co-pay totally wasted and now have to make a second doctors appointment. Happy Christmas to me. Meh!
    I wish you many extra spoons for Christmas. Take Care. xo

  2. I’m so glad I am a part of your blog. You are the first person that I know who has Lyme disease and Fibro together. Just too much to handle some days.

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