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I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.

ChronicAlly Box is the first health and beauty subscription box tailored for women and girls with chronic illnesses. The idea behind the ChronicAlly Box is to promote self care and provide cheer for women living with chronic illness. Each product in the box is designed to be your ally by allowing you to save time and energy. The contents of each box are carefully selected by the creator Ally and her allies (who also have chronic illness) and then delivered straight to your door every month.

I personally hate to check my mail because I know there’s only bills and insurance denials in my mailbox, so I love the idea of being able to look forward to something nice. Plus  I tend to talk myself out of buying self care type items by convincing myself that I don’t really need them. Despite that, I know with chronic illness there is value in being able to look forward to something, even if it’s just a small pick me up. Which is why I was thrilled when I got my ChronicAlly Box in the mail.

chronicAlly box

The packaging is really bright and cheerful. The note included a quote from one of my favorite people, Eleanor Roosevelt. “A women is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until you put her in hot water.”

Everything in my box was a tea related product. This was great timing for me as it’s usually too hot where I live for tea, but the weather just recently cooled down enough for hot beverages.

chronicAlly box

A loved this large mug saying “you got this” as well as the tea steeper to use in the mug. Admittedly I had no idea what a tea steeper was since I’ve only used tea bags previously. However, I quickly figured out it was pretty simple.

chronicAlly box


There was a chai spice lip gloss then smelled exactly like chai tea. I always carry at least one chapstick with me, so this was perfect to add to my purse to use when I’m out and about.

chronicAlly box

There was also “Meditative Mind” tea to use with the tea steeper and mug. As well as a bath bag with Epsom salt, Himalayan sea salt, pink roses, lemon grass, and peppermint. I especially loved the bath bag because I’m all about taking warm baths and using bath products. It can also be used in the shower by dropping it on the shower floor.

chronicAlly box

Overview of ChronicAlly Box

  • The ChronicAlly Box comes in two different sizes:

ChronicAlly Box– 43.95

This box contains more products and has a higher value than the treat box. It contains 4-6 full sized products.

Treat Box (smaller version)– 27.95

This contains 3 full sized/treat sized products, but product sizes vary depending on cost.

  • If you can’t use a certain product because of allergies or any other specific needs, just let them know when you order. They will replace that item with something else you can enjoy.
  • If if you sign up for their newsletter on their website, you receive a code to get 10% off for life. This makes the cost of the box $39.55 and the Treat Box 25.15.
  • You can also give the ChronicAlly Box as a gift. There are options to give for one month, three months, and six months.

Overall I love the idea of the ChronicAlly Box. It’s a treat to get a surprise in the mail every month.

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