9 things that help me cope with fibromyalgia

9 things that help me cope with Fibromyalgia

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Everyone with Fibromyalgia is different, which is why we each end up cobbling together our own treatment plans. What works for one person doesn’t work for another, and so we are left with a lot of trial and error. After 7 years of illness I feel like I’ve tried just about everything, but here are some of the things that have worked the best for me. I have personally tried each and every one of these and they are part of my spoonie survival kit.

  1. Naturalico Shiatsu Massager

I’ve had this massager for only a couple weeks and I already love it. I don’t just use it on my shoulders and back, I use it on my calves and thighs as well.  Caveat- It digs in pretty good, so if you’re sensitive to touch this probably isn’t the right thing for you.

2. Loose Maxi Dress

This is one of my all time favorite dresses and it’s perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin and is looking for comfort. No itchy seams and it’s loose enough to not bother my skin. The bonus is that it looks good on me too!

3. Axon Optics Migraine Glasses

I wrote a whole review for these glasses earlier in the year, and I still love them. I wear them everywhere, inside and outside. These glasses work by the tinting filtering problematic wavelengths of light therefore minimizing the amount of painful light entering the eye.

4. Comfortable Flip Flops

I’ve actually owned two pairs of these flip flops. The first pair got lost when I was in the hospital for a surprise surgery. I was devastated to come home and find out they didn’t make it back with me, so I had to buy another pair. I live in my flip flops, so I need a pair that I can stand in for long periods of time and this one does the trick.


5. Kindle e-reader

My kindle has been a life saver. It’s easy to read and it’s not nearly as heavy as most books. I can download books from the library for free and they keep me entertained when I’m not feeling great.

6. Sunbeam Heating Pad

I recommenced this heating pad over and over again because it is far and away the best one I’ve tried. It’s lasted the longest, and it’s very comfortable.

7. Noise cancelling ear phones

There’s a lot of chaos going on in my house and sometimes it makes me crazy. It’s nice to be able to slip these on and lower the decibel level. If I’m trying to concentrate on pretty much anything I have to use these.

8. Adult coloring book

These are the new in thing and there is a reason why. It’s very relaxing to color. It gives you a chance to distract your mind and body, and when you have a chronic illness that is a must.

9. Arthritis gloves

These are my go to arthritis gloves. I’ve worn through several pairs because I use them all the time. They make it easier for my sore hands to grip things.

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2 thoughts on “9 things that help me cope with Fibromyalgia

  1. Love this list! I have got to get me some of those gloves. I love my Maxi dresses and skirts too, so comfy and great for the warm, humid weather we have here in summer. =)

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