how to find comfortable shoes for chronic pain

How to find comfortable shoes when you live with chronic pain

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Last week I was going somewhere I needed to dress up for. After I chose what dress I’d wear (the most comfortable one of course) it came time to pick out the shoes. I debated between vanity and comfort. I have some really cute heels I wanted to wear, or I could go with the safer option and wear some flat sandals. I went with the vanity option, which turned out to be a big mistake. I could only wish I had ignored shoes completely and worn slippers!

After this experience I decided it was time to talk about chronic pain footwear. Here’s some of my personal favorites:

Tevas Flip Flops


I live in a hot climate so I wear flip flops year round. For years I got away with wearing the cheap ones, but with the onset of chronic pain I had to upgrade. Sure I could’ve made the switch to actual shoes, but no one wants to wear socks when it’s 95 degrees outside. These are my favorite flip flops because they have arch support. They also last forever. I’ve only bought two pairs and that’s because my first pair disappeared at the hospital when I had my gall bladder out. I was so upset about losing them I ordered another pair as soon as I got home.


Sketchers tennis shoes are the most comfortable I’ve ever tried. Up until recently I had other brands because I’m cheap and don’t want to drop $50 on a shoe. After my last pair got destroyed thanks to Hurricane Harvey mucking out (and I gave away my backup pair to someone who flooded and had no shoes), I forced myself to go to the store. I tried on Sketchers first and after that I could barely stand to put other brands on my feet. I ended up buying this exact pair and I’ll never go away from Sketchers again. The memory foam really helps to reduce the pain levels in my legs.

When I win the lottery and can buy more shoes I want to give Sketchers like this a try for every day wear:



Aerosoles is another good brand that I’ve found to be generally comfortable. Their shoes also have memory foam so they’re easier on the feet. They do have some high heals and wedges that I don’t like, but their flats are very comfortable.


In case anyone is curious about Tieks ballet flats, I have tried those and I hated them. I had heard rave reviews so I saved up for them and I was very disappointed. They were $30 comfortable, not $200 comfortable.  I ended up returning mine and buying Aerosoles instead for 1/4 of the price.

Reader recommendations

Here’s a few of my reader’s favorite shoes:

Lems shoes

Lems shoes are designed to be flat, flexible, and fit the natural shape of the human foot.

Aldo Boots

I don’t buy a lot of boots because it’s too hot here, but Aldo has several different kinds of highly recommended boots. They have these gorgeously tall ones

Or these super cute ankle boots



These were recommended by a reader and now I want to buy some for myself because they have lots of cute shoes. These sandals are super cute and come in lots of different colors.

Here’s some adorable flats

Asics Running Shoes

Asics have a gel technology system to provide comfort, instead of memory foam. I’ve never personally tried them, but have heard from several people that they are comfortable.


Yes, the original crocs are a bit unsightly, but they are so comfortable. Plus they have many non croc looking crocs. These sandals look very comfortable.

No one would ever know these sandals were crocs, they look just like the fashionable flats that everyone wears these days.


They even have wedges


Even though everyone is different and everybody likes different shoes, hopefully this gave you some ideas. If you have a favorite comfortable shoe that is not listed I’d love for you to share it in the comments.

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One thought on “How to find comfortable shoes when you live with chronic pain

  1. EEcco makes a great sports sandal, that has a super soft lining. They adjust at the heel strap as well as the two across the top of the foot. I find these great for those days where I can’t tolerate anything between my toes due to pain. They are expensive, but mine are 5 years old and don’t show any wear.

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