top 10 chronic illness posts of 2017

Top 10 chronic illness posts of 2017

2017 has been another interesting year here on Chronic Mom. Every year I go back and forth on whether to keep blogging. I’ve been doing it since 2011 and I always wonder if I’ve run out of things to say. However, with the recent hysteria about the opioid crisis I’ve been practically gifted a whole new category of material.

Looking back through the most popular posts of 2017 many of them are about living in pain. While I personally love my humorous posts about life with chronic illness, it looks like most people are looking for validation, advice, and community for people who live with chronic pain.

  1. Top 5 Reasons Fibromyalgia is the best Fake Disease

This continues to be my #1 post of all time, mostly due to the fact that anyone who googles “Fibromyalgia is fake” finds it as the top suggestion. If you enjoy some good chronic illness humor, this is a great read. Some people people don’t get it, but I promise you that it is satire.

2. The side effects of chronic pain no one talks about

Even more so than last year, 2017 was characterized by the “opioid epidemic.” The hysteria continues to grow and grow, which greatly effects anyone who has chronic pain. In 2017 large numbers of people in pain were taken off their pain medication that they were not abusing because of this hysteria. This post came about because no one is talking about what it’s like to live with chronic pain when you have no way to ever dull that pain. Pain isn’t something that can just go away be wishing it so, it has detrimental effects on the body.

3. 5 tips for cleaning with chronic pain

Cleaning is one of the hardest things for me to do when I’m in pain, and apparently I’m not alone because this post was very popular in 2017. Pain is never ending, and so are messes.

4. 4 myths about being on opioids for chronic pain

Many people who are on opioids for chronic pain have been characterized as addicts by doctors, politicians, and journalists. As obvious by the popularity of this post, I’m not the only person with chronic pain who is tired of it. For some reason no one talks about how addiction and dependence are two different things.

5. Managing Fibromyalgia in heat and humidity

I live in a miserable climate that is more often than not hot and humid. I’m always looking for ways to find relief and apparently I’m not the only one.  Many people with chronic illness feel sicker in the heat.

6. 10 things people with Fibromyalgia really want for gifts this year

I wrote this post last year, and for some reason it’s significantly more popular than this year’s version. Many of us with chronic pain have wishes that can not be fulfilled by a physical gift.

7. 10 must have kitchen tools for the chronically ill

Like many people with chronic illness I try to watch how I eat. This necessitates a lot of time in the kitchen, but when you have a chronic illness cooking can be difficult. It’s no surprise to me that I’m not the only one looking for tips to make cooking easier.

8. What it’s really like being on opioids for chronic pain

This was my first post about being on opioids for chronic pain and it continues to be a popular one. The positive responses to this post helped me to join the chronic pain awareness movement.

9. I’m not faking being sick, I’m faking being well

I spend a lot of time and energy pretending that I’m not sick, and judging by the response to this post I’m not the only one. People with chronic illness are often accused of faking their illnesses, but it’s actually the opposite.

10. 7 surprising ways to exercise with chronic pain



Who says getting out of bed isn’t exercise?

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  1. Please never stop blogging! You have one of the best blogs out there! Of course, I totally understand if it’s becoming too much for you, then you need to do what is best for you, not us readers, but I think many would agree that blogging is a good form of therapy, and for us too because you’re so honest and yours is one of the few blogs that actually makes us laugh and smile often! Thanks for all you do and take care of yourself!

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