5 things to let go of when you have a chronic illness

5 things to let go of when you have a chronic illness

1. Your perfectly clean house Once upon a time I had a daily cleaning schedule that was strictly adhered to and the result was a almost spotless house. It laid my OCD to rest and I was a happy women. Then kids happened which made my house not so spotless, but still I was able […]

do you believe in magic? the practice of selling cures to sick people

Do you believe in magic?

 It happened again, that oh so subtle Facebook message from someone I knew years ago. Did I know about the magical product they sell that can cure me? So many people with insert any disease here have had their whole lives changed! The scientists haven’t cured it but the Native Eskimo Tribe from Antarctica has done […]

The huge cost of Lyme Disease

Someone has finally concluded that Lyme Disease (especially under treated) is very expensive. It turns out Lyme Disease costs the US Healthcare system between $712 million and $1.3 billion a year—or nearly $3,000 per patient on average. 3,000 a person doesn’t sound to bad until you consider that if a patient is diagnosed correctly and […]

Doctors are not Gods

One thing is inescapable when you have a chronic illness, you deal a lot with doctors. Unfortunately I have to say that about 90% of my experiences doctors have been not only negative, but horrible encounters with outright narcissistic assholes.  Of the other 10% of my interactions the best I can say is they have […]

Suck it CDC

Here is the Texas Lyme Disease Association’s Press release in response to Texas A&M’s study on the prevalence of ticks in Texas. Summery of their statement: “we said there was Lyme in Texas, no one would listen to us, we now have proof, very scary proof.” Once again, can I say… SUCK IT CDC SUCK IT […]