DineSafe app review

DineSafe-An app for eating out with food allergies

*This is a sponsored post.  I have been compensated for my time through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. All opinions remain my own and I was in now way influenced by the company. In the US (unlike the UK and Europe) there are no allergen disclosure laws for restaurants. This makes eating out more difficult for […]

Comfort Food

Comfort Food: We’re not all 5 star chefs, but we all need to eat! Tell your readers how to make your favorite dish. Does the recipe hold a good memory for you? Is it the act of cooking itself that brings you joy, or the people that come together to eat it? #HAWMC My favorite […]

Finding balance in nutrition

World Health Day: April 7th is World Health Day – so let’s talk about daily nutrition and diet. After your diagnosis, did you alter your diet or health routine? If so, how? How do you maintain a healthy regiment? #HAWMC Diet is a tricky subject for the chronically ill. Many of us have found that […]

Sick people food

You can tell this isn’t a food blog by the awfulness of the above picture. Just pretend the lighting was better, the homemade noodles were perfectly shaped, and the bowl was not Tupperware. Even though I’m not a foodie I thought I’d share my favorite “get well soon” recipe. My son was up all night […]

Eating for chronic illness- green monster smoothies

I hate it when people swear a healthy food is just like dessert! Lets admit it, we all know that’s a lie. If you aren’t lying you a straight up delusional and have been dieting for so long you forgot what real food tastes like. A smoothie no matter what is in it will not taste […]