7 ways to cure yourself of Fibromyalgia (or not)

7 ways to cure your Fibromyalgia

1.Drink all the shakes! Take all the pills! Drink milk from a Himalayan mountain goat by the light of the full moon!  All the Fibromyalgia cures out there are totally legitimate, you just need to make 300 payments of $99. If you can’t afford that it’s because you’re too lazy to work, you just want to […]

stuff no one tells you about living with a chronic illness

S*** no one tells you about chronic illness

When you get diagnosed with a chronic illness there are some things your doctor will never tell you. Even your friends with chronic illness may not mention them, sometimes because they aren’t a polite topic of conversation, sometimes because you just have to find out for yourself.   Pooping can become a lot more difficult. […]

8 reasons fibromyalgia is the worst

8 reasons Fibromyalgia is the worst

 In response to the criticism about my “5 ways Fibromyalgia makes you awesome” post being too positive, I decided to write a counter post. I even upped the ante by coming up with eight things, instead of five! Warning: this post contains sarcasm.  1. It turns you into an idiot Fibro fog takes over your […]

Ode to hospital mesh underwear

*Warning TMI ahead Can I just say how much I love the mesh underwear you can get from the hospital? It saved my life after my two c-sections, and it saved my life this week after having surgery to remove my kidney stone. Because nothing uncomfortable is going near my abdomen right now. I used […]

No, I didn’t just do that

You know when you have one of those days that you realize you are way too angry at the world? Like when a store royally screws up and then blames their screw up on you and then you completely lose your temper and raise your voice at said idiot even though you promised that you […]