12 days of christmas fibro gave me to

12 days of Christmas fibro gave to me

The Twelve Days of Christmas Fibromyalgia gave to me… Ginormous flare 2. Swollen hands 3. Days of itching 4. Unexplained symptoms 5. Judgmental relatives 6. Days of fibro fog 7. Sleepless nights 8. Days of fatigue 9. Magic cures offered 10. Daily medications 11. Doctor appointments 12. Trigger points

surviving the holidays as a parent with chronic illness

Surviving the holidays as a parent with chronic illness

The holidays can be a rough time period for everyone. There’s so much to do it’s easy to feel stressed, hurried, and overwhelmed. It’s even harder if you have a chronic illness and you have to deal with the limitations of your body. Often we can barely make it through the typical day so the […]