Broken trust: the consequences of doctor anxiety

Broken trust: The consequences of doctor anxiety

Hi, I’m Shelley and I have doctor anxiety. What? You’ve never heard of it?It’s more than just having your blood pressure go sky high every time you’re at the doctor (yes, that happens to me). It happens when you’ve been told so many times by doctors that you’re a hypochondriac or you’re depressed that you […]

How do you tell the difference between fibromyalgia and lyme disease

How do you tell the difference between Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease?

Many doctors confuse Lyme disease and Fibromyalgia. Part of the problem is that so little is known about them. Both are new diseases that scientists are still trying to figure out, and their symptoms are so similar that many lazy doctors just diagnose patients with Fibro and never even bother with testing for Lyme. Most doctors […]

the relationship between fibromyalgia and rhinitis (allergies)

The relationship between Fibromyalgia and Allergies

 My allergies have been a nightmare lately. I figured that was partly the fault of the climate I live in, but my allergies have been worse than ever this year. Luckily for me when my allergies are bad my sinuses are also bad so I’ve had the distinction of having a sinus infection that won’t […]

do you believe in magic? the practice of selling cures to sick people

Do you believe in magic?

 It happened again, that oh so subtle Facebook message from someone I knew years ago. Did I know about the magical product they sell that can cure me? So many people with insert any disease here have had their whole lives changed! The scientists haven’t cured it but the Native Eskimo Tribe from Antarctica has done […]

The troubles with healthcare and chronic pain.

Ever wonder what it’s like dealing with the healthcare system when you are a chronic pain patient? Over and Oh my Aches and Pains is a great post on trying to get pain medicine prescriptions filled. She explained how frustrating it is being a pain patient much better then I ever could. I get harassed by […]