Why are women under treated for pain?

If you spend any time talking to someone who deals with the medical system on a regular basis, it’s pretty clear that women are under treated for pain as compared to men. I’ve had my own experiences with this, being brushed off and told I was just depressed or that I was crazy, but more […]

Is Fibromyalgia fake? 5 fibro myths debunked

Is fibromyalgia fake? 5 fibro myths debunked

 You may have been led here to this page because you googled “Is fibromyalgia fake” looking to confirm that someone in your life is a lazy hypochondriac. Well unfortunately for you ( but fortunate for them) fibromyalgia is real. Now don’t get me wrong, fibromyalgia is over diagnosed which is unfortunate for those who really […]

Broken trust: the consequences of doctor anxiety

Broken trust: The consequences of doctor anxiety

Hi, I’m Shelley and I have doctor anxiety. What? You’ve never heard of it?It’s more than just having your blood pressure go sky high every time you’re at the doctor (yes, that happens to me). It happens when you’ve been told so many times by doctors that you’re a hypochondriac or you’re depressed that you […]


How do you survive being sick?

I often get asked, how do you survive? I survive by forcing myself to stay strong at all times. By not letting my strength ever crumble into weakness. By not allowing my pain to break me. By building up walls and making sure they stay there. If I allow pain to break me, I will […]

positive thinking is a coping mechanism for chronic illness, not a cure

Positive thinking is as coping mechanism, not a cure

No one would ever accuse me of being an optimistic person. If you ask me if the glass is half empty or half full, I’d say that it has water in it.  My family likes to tell me I’m like Eeyore because I was depressed in high school (because four years of depression in your teen […]