What the pain acceptance movement misses about chronic pain

Anyone who lives with chronic pain is aware of the backlash against opioids for chronic pain and the treatment of pain in general. This backlash has emerged because of the so called “opioid crisis” which puts the blame on people in pain instead of addicts who abuse the system. Some doctors are now taking patients off […]

5 gifts people with chronic pain really want this year

5 gifts people with chronic pain really want this year

I’ve already shared by 2017 Chronic Illness Gift Guide, but there are so many non material gifts that people with chronic illness really wish they could receive. 1. To be taken seriously Having a chronic illness is not only difficult physically, it’s difficult emotionally. Many people with chronic illness are accused of faking by their […]

2017 chronic illness guide

2017 Chronic Illness Holiday Gift Guide

This post includes affiliate links, please see my disclosure policy for more details.  We’re heading into the holiday season, and as someone who can never remember when people ask me what I want for Christmas I figured I would make a list (but not check it twice). This is a collection of my favorite chronic […]

People with chronic pain did not cause the opioid epidemic

A great deal of people are uncomfortable with how often I address the “opioid epidemic” and how it hurts people with chronic pain. I think this is because healthy people like to imagine that doctors can fix everything and if something isn’t fixed that it must be the person’s fault. Therefore if someone is in […]

how to find comfortable shoes for chronic pain

How to find comfortable shoes when you live with chronic pain

This post contains affiliate links. For more information please see my disclosure policy.  Last week I was going somewhere I needed to dress up for. After I chose what dress I’d wear (the most comfortable one of course) it came time to pick out the shoes. I debated between vanity and comfort. I have some […]