I am just one- what it's like to live with invisible illness

I am just one: living with invisible illness

I am just one I am just one person with an invisible chronic illness. And I matter I deserve to be believed I deserve to be treated with respect I am more than my symptoms I am more than my disease. I have dreams I have goals I have feelings I am not a failure […]

Finding meaning through chronic illness

 I stumbled onto an article that other day that discussed an interesting concept, that it is more important to live a meaningful life then to be happy.  Modern ideas of happiness are based on self fulfillment, and ironically the more we pursue happiness the less happy we are. That is why rather than aiming for […]

Ode to hospital mesh underwear

*Warning TMI ahead Can I just say how much I love the mesh underwear you can get from the hospital? It saved my life after my two c-sections, and it saved my life this week after having surgery to remove my kidney stone. Because nothing uncomfortable is going near my abdomen right now. I used […]

I am the person who used to be just like you

I am the person

I am the person who once lived an active life. I exercised, I played sports, I spent time outside. I worked long hours and still managed to spend lots of times with friends. I didn’t have to prioritize much because I had the energy to do anything. Now I am the person who mostly stays […]

10 things I've learned from invisible illness

10 things I’ve learned through my invisible illness

1. You never know what a person is really going through I am very good at putting on a front. I am the epitome of the “fake it till you make it” principle. On a normal day I might look a little tired, and be a little quiet but those are generally the only signs […]