People with chronic pain did not cause the opioid epidemic

A great deal of people are uncomfortable with how often I address the “opioid epidemic” and how it hurts people with chronic pain. I think this is because healthy people like to imagine that doctors can fix everything and if something isn’t fixed that it must be the person’s fault. Therefore if someone is in […]

What no one tells you about surviving a natural disaster with a chronic illness

For those who don’t follow my Facebook page I live in Texas on the gulf coast and we were just hit by a hurricane. It made landfall hundreds of miles away, but it caused a lot of rain and I do mean a lot. My town was on the national news for receiving the most […]

my favorite chronic illness blog posts

My favorite blog posts about chronic illness

I typically try to share my favorite chronic illness articles each week on Facebook, but it doesn’t let people see my posts anymore without paying for promotion. So instead I’m collecting my favorite posts all in one place for some easier access. There are some amazing chronic illness bloggers out there, and this is just a […]

how the opioid epidemic hurts people with chronic pain

How the opioid epidemic hurts people with chronic pain

THE OPIOID EPIDEMIC AMERICA’S ADDICTION TO OPIOIDS HOW BAD IS AMERICA’S OPIOID EPIDEMIC? HOW TO STOP OPIOID ADDICTION OPIOID EPIDEMIC IS RIGHT HERE These are just some of the scare headlines that flash across the news every single day in the US. The media is obsessed with the idea of the “opioid epidemic” that is […]

MedNexus search engine- review

*This is a sponsored post*  It can be difficult to navigate the large amount of information thrown at healthcare patients when searching the typical search engine such as google. That is where MedNexus comes in. MedNexus is a search engine specifically designed to address health and to bring information to patients from accurate sources. I happened to be contacted […]