faith is not a cure for chronic illness

Faith is not a cure for chronic illness

One of my biggest struggles with chronic illness has been reconciling my health problems with my faith. As a child I was often taught that if you had enough faith God would fix your problems, but as I grew up I developed a more nuanced view. I learned that having faith does not automatically fix […]

I don’t have my shit together

Despite what my near relations like to think, I try to put a positive spin on everything. I don’t spend a lot of time laying around bemoaning my sad state thinking that God is picking on me. I try not to dwell on the bad things and I try to enjoy the many good things […]

Each life that touches ours for good

A dear friend of mine passed away this morning. Even though it was expected it has been hard. She has battled cancer for a long time and has been example to me of how to live with illness with strength and grace. She taught me the importance of finding peace with my illness and finding […]

People just don’t get it

Someone told me the other day that there was no excuse for feeling alone, and if I felt alone it was all my fault. Words failed me. Two house later I finally thought of a great response, but it was too late. It struck me that this is what people don’t get about chronic illness. […]

why didn't God heal me

Why didn’t God heal me

Warning- If you don’t like posts about faith and God, run away now. I rarely post about faith and  this won’t become a religious blog, but I felt like I needed to get this out today.  I have a really hard time when I hear things like “because of your prayers I was healed” or […]