12 days of chronic pain christmas

12 days of chronic pain Christmas

1 Painful flare

Life can be hard enough when you live with chronic pain, but getting through the holidays can be even more stressful on the body. Too many things to do, too much pain to do them.


2 Heating pads

Life with chronic pain is dependent on heating pads. I currently own two that are strategically placed on a chair in the living room and on my bed.

3 sleepless nights

Because going to sleep is easier than it sounds. Here’s a typical night with chronic pain:

11:00- If I fall to sleep now I can get 8 hours of sleep

12:00 am- Why am I still awake? I hurt so much! *tosses and turns like a rotisserie chicken*

2:00 am- If I fall asleep now I can still get 5 hours of sleep

3:00 am- Give in and take a pain pill


5:00 am – WHY GOD WHY?

6:00 am- Fall asleep

7:00 am- Alarm goes off


4 Unexplained symptoms

With chronic pain you never know if you have a new illness, or your new symptoms are somehow related to your old ones. Most often your doctor explains everything away with your current diagnosis, so finding answers is complicated.

5 Judgmental relatives

Nothing like trying to enjoy your Christmas dinner while you great aunt three times removed tells you you’re too young to be sick. Then your Grandma joins in and says in her day young people just worked harder. Millennials are the lazy and entitled generation.

6 Clueless doctors

Nothing like being told by a clueless doctor that you must be making everything up because they can’t figure out what’s wrong with you. It couldn’t possibly be that *gasp* they don’t know everything.


7 days of brain fog

Nothing like trying to remember all the people you’re supposed to buy presents for, and then realizing on Christmas Eve that you forgot someone. It’s even too late for Amazon prime!

8 emails with bad advice

Did you know that if you dance outside naked during a full moon drinking the milk of a Himalayan goat you could cure yourself?

9 hours arguing with insurance

Good luck finding an actual human being, much less getting your insurance company to cover what they say they cover. Oh and merry Christmas, your monthly premium went up $50 and your doctor copay went up to $60 a visit. It’s so you can be provided with better service!

10 overdue medical bills

This is what happens when the insurance company won’t pay out. You’re liable, lucky you! Aren’t you glad you pay $500 a month for your insurance premium? Totally worth it.

11 magic cures offered

Your so excited an old friend sent you a friend request on facebook. You quickly add them, and are thrilled to see they sent you a message. You wonder how they’re doing and what’s going on with their life. Your open your message to find:

“Hi friend, I heard you are suffering from (insert illness here). I knew I needed to friend you on Facebook so I could share this amazing thing I found! It cured my cousin’s, uncle’s cancer, and my grandma’s cousin’s aunt’s autism so I know it will cure you too! Luckily for you I am a licensed distributor of this (insert magic product). For only $99 a month for 1,000 months you too can be cured! Can’t wait to hear from you!”

12 daily medications

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